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travtrav87 So this just happened at the #gameofthrones beer launch party. #pedropascal posing with my #moonstick from #sailormoon

#stop pedro pascal


Here’s the second comparison episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! 

(Had a little trouble finding a copy of the episode with subs, so I apologize for the quality and for the sound issues during the transformation sequences.)

This episode was a smidge harder to do as it is a short chapter and some of the scenes were longer in the episode than they were in the anime, so I took a little license with a few of the scenes. Again, the content of the episode was mostly the same, but there was a little extra dialogue, the fight scene at the end was altered a little and everything after the 20:00 minute mark is new (the few manga panels I elected to include are actually from the next chapter). I hope you continue to enjoy!